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How to Spot a Psychic Swindle

I received a heartbreaking telephone call for help from a young woman who’d been seeing a psychic for several years, one she trusted. She suspected her boyfriend of infidelity. The “trusted” psychic asked the woman for $300 to put a spell on the wayward boyfriend and bring him back. Well, she paid the $300 but the spell didn’t work, so the psychic said she needed the woman to pay another $600. Troubled by this, she called and asked me what to do.

I strongly advised her against giving the charlatan any more money. Any intuitive who demands more money than what the session costs is out to scam you. And in terms of casting spells, “We all have free will,” I said. “If it’s in his heart to walk a different path, then nothing you can do can force him to act against his will.”

Later, I thought about all the good people I’ve talked with who’d fallen for psychic swindles. Like Amber, who said a curse had been put on her, and the psychic she’d contacted for help wanted $1,500 to remove it. When I heard that, I almost swallowed my tongue. Amber hesitantly admitted that she’d paid the money and visited the quack (my word) three times – yet still felt bad luck was following her.

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